5L Professional Style Deep Fryer
5L Professional Style Deep Fryer
5L Professional Style Deep Fryer
5L Professional Style Deep Fryer
5L Professional Style Deep Fryer

5L Professional Style Deep Fryer

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Cook your fried-favorites in a snap

The test of well-fried food lies in the bite: a crisp, outer coating that yields to a soft, tender center. Overdo it and you end up with a burnt disaster; undercook it and you get a soggy mess.

The Baumann Professional Deep Fryer eliminates the guesswork by giving you control over two critical aspects of frying: volume and temperature. A 5-liter oil capacity lets you cook more in a one go, minimizing temperature fluctuations between food batches. Meanwhile, an adjustable temperature knob and timer lets you reach precise heat levels, with a light indicator to let you know when it’s time to fry.

Big party? Use thelarge-capacity basket to cook up to 13 servings of fries. Smaller crowd? Fry two dishes at once with the two smaller baskets. And don’t worry about oil splatters; a detachable lid with air vents and a window ensures your safety. With this in your kitchen, you’ll be deep-frying like a pro in no time. Thank god it’s fry day.

Features & Benefits

  • 5L oil capacity - generously sized for greater versatility
  • Double baskets let you cook 2 foods at once
  • Extra-large basket cooks up to 13 servings of French fries
  • Immersed heating element for fast heating and cooking
  • Timer knob and adjustable temperature with ready light indicator
  • Viewing window and air vents on lid
  • Basket hook for easy, mess-free draining
  • Removable non-stick enamel oil tank
  • Easy to clean and assemble

Accessories Included

  • 1 x big basket
  • 2 x small baskets
    Model No.
    Rated Voltage: 
    Gross Weight:
    5.73 kgs
    Net Weight:
    4.55 kgs
    Item Dimensions:
    38 x 35.7 x 26.5 cm
    Packaging Dimensions: 39.5 x 37.1 x 27.8 cm
    Download User Manual here

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    Julius Bryan

    easy to cook now

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