Professional-Style Electric Meat Slicer
Professional-Style Electric Meat Slicer
Professional-Style Electric Meat Slicer

Professional-Style Electric Meat Slicer

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Professional deli-style slicing  

Bring the deli to your home with the Baumann Living Electric Meat Slicer. Compact and sleek, this toaster-sized slicer delivers professional-quality slicing without the bulk.

Make cuts as thin or thick as you want, with quick and precise adjustments. The sliding carriage glides easily for perfect, even slicing, while keeping your fingers safely away from the blade. When you’re done, the blade is removable for hassle-free cleaning. The best part is, you never have to worry about dull blades, thanks to the built-in sharpener that makes sure your slicer only gets better with use.

Whether you’re styling that ham and cheese grazing plate or putting together the perfect salami sandwich, the Baumann Living Electric Meat Slicer is here to ensure a deli - and delicious - experience!

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and sleek design, perfect for home kitchens and food service
  • With 195mm (7”) stainless steel blade to slice meat, cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables
  • Built-in blade sharpener keeps the blade at optimal sharpness
  • Adjustable slice thickness from 1 to 12mm for customizing slices
  • Sliding food carriage and pusher ensures perfect cuts every time and keeps hands away from the blade
  • Durable, die-cast body
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Suction cup, non-slip feet for stability

Model No.
Rated Voltage: 
Gross Weight:
13 kg
Net Weight:
11.7 kg
Item Dimensions:
38.4 (L) x 23.2 (W) x 28.0 (H) cm 
Packaging Dimensions: 48.0 (L) x 39.0 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm

Download User Manual here

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