Coffee and Spice Grinder
Coffee and Spice Grinder
Coffee and Spice Grinder
Coffee and Spice Grinder
Coffee and Spice Grinder
Coffee and Spice Grinder

Coffee and Spice Grinder


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Aroma, flavor, intensity. These are key to a great cup of coffee. But did you know that all three are compromised when coffee beans are pre-ground?

Drink coffee as it should be - full-flavored, strong, and bursting with aromatic oils - when you grind it fresh with the new Baumann Living Coffee & Spice Grinder. Crushing the beans right before brewing releases organic molecules and aromas at full strength, because there’s no time for oxidation, or exposure to air, to do any damage. Equally important, you can make the grind as fine or as coarse as you want. This enables you to brew beans optimally, depending on your choice of brewer: Coarse for French press, fine for moka pots, or super fine for your morning espresso. 

The Baumann Living Coffee & Spice Grinder features a compact, sleek design, durable stainless steel blades that resist corrosion, and a large, 60-gram capacity grinder bowl. The one-touch control and built-in overheat protection ensure precision and safety, while the transparent cover allows you to view your progress. When your coffee is ready for brewing, you’ll see it - and taste the difference.

Don’t limit yourself to coffee. This grinder is just as great with spices, so you can enjoy them at the peak of their flavor and freshness!

Features & Benefits

  • Sleek and compact design
  • 60 grams capacity stainless steel grinder bowl
  • With safety feature
  • Long lasting and anti-corrosion sharp stainless steel grinding blades
  • One-touch control
  • Grind as coarse or fine as you like
  • Transparent top cover for easy viewing
  • With overheating protection
  • Easy to use; with cord storage

     Accessories Included:

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      Model No.
      Rated Voltage:
      Gross Weight:
      1.12 kg
      Net Weight:
      0.98 kg
      Item Dimensions:
      12.2 L x 12.5 W x 21.0 H cm

      Packaging Dimensions:
      14.0 L x 13.5 W x 23.0 H cm

      Download User Manual here

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