Horizontal Slow Juicer
Horizontal Slow Juicer
Horizontal Slow Juicer
Horizontal Slow Juicer
Horizontal Slow Juicer

Horizontal Slow Juicer

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Healthy juicing has never been easier

Fast is not always better, and that couldn’t be truer than with healthy juicing. Slow juicing hit the market years back, and it’s here to stay, simply because it’s a proven way to extract the most nutrients from fruits and vegetables. By using pressing force to masticate the produce, slow juicers create less heat and friction, keeping vitamins and minerals intact in a way fast juicers can’t.

But not all slow juicers are made equal. The Baumann Horizontal Slow Juicer creates richer, smoother and more concentrated juices versus vertical slow juicers. Without the pull of gravity, it allows better extraction, so that the juice doesn’t separate and oxidize quickly. Even better, it can double as a multi-purpose food processor - making it a more cost-efficient kitchen tool. Choose among three juicing levels, depending on your need and preference, and it gets to work immediately – quietly and efficiently. Assembly and cleaning are extra easy, so it’s easy to use it as part of a daily health routine. With the Baumann Horizontal Slow Juicer, you can get the most from your juices, to give the most for your family’s wellbeing.


Features & Benefits

  • Capacity: 500ml juice container; 700ml pulp container
  • Squeeze juice from most fruits and vegetables; make nut milks, frozen fruit desserts and more
  • Bladeless low speed extraction results in higher juice yield; reduces oxidation to produce longer lasting juice
  • Tough and durable ceramic juicing screw gently squeezes ingredients, preserving all the beneficial nutrients
  • 3" wide feeding chute fits larger pieces, cutting prep time
  • Rotating lid protects small hands from entering the chute •Pulp control selector lets you control texture of the juice
  • Reverse operation function maximizes extraction and prevents jamming
  • Transparent feeding chute lets you view the juicer in action
  • Quiet, low speed (70 rpm) with reliable 200W motor
  • Easy, intuitive assembly and painless cleanup

Accessories Included

  • 1 x Juice container
  • 1 x Pulp container
  • 1 x Pusher
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
    Model No.
    Rated Voltage: 
    60 Hz
    Gross Weight:
    19.5 kgs
    Net Weight:
    17.8 kgs
    Item Dimensions:
    33.5 x 19.5 x 31cm
    Packaging Dimensions: 48.5 x 28.5 x 35 cm

    Download User Manual here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Rey Tarife

    Horizontal Slow Juicer


    Thank you so much Baumann Living for this wonderful, efficient and reliable product. It's very easy to use and wash. It extracts a lot of juice from the fruits and vegetables. This is by far the best slow juicer ever made! 😊👍

    This item is sold out and currently out of stock. As we are in the process of restocking, please leave your contact details and we will contact you once the stocks arrive.

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