Antioxidation Vacuum Blender
Antioxidation Vacuum Blender

Antioxidation Vacuum Blender


The most nutritious way to blend beverages.

Wellness doesn’t normally happen in a vacuum – but this new kitchen tool may well be the exception. The Baumann Antioxidation Vacuum Blender sets the new standard for blended beverages. Its powerful vacuum blending technology combines ingredients like never before, minimizing oxidation to maximize nutrition. This breakthrough process increases the potency of fruit and vegetable juices, preserving natural enzymes and retaining more than twice the polyphenols and four times more vitamin A compared to regularly blended drinks. Make the smoothest smoothies, most vibrantly colored juices and freshest tasting beverages at the push of a button. Once you taste the difference, you’ll never go back to regular blending again!


  • 23,000 rpm motor vacuum blending technology combines ingredients to create a delicious, velvety-smooth beverage
  • Convenient Pulse, Adjustable Speed and Vacuum functions to alternate between vacuuming ingredients and blending for a variety of beverage and storage options
  • Four programs: Smoothie, Nutri-Blend, Crush and Jam, to help blend fruit and vegetable smoothies, silky-smooth soups, ultra-fresh juices, nut butters, dressings, and more
  • Includes one 1.5L BPA-free Tritan blending jar and a 600ml vacuum storage tumbler
  • Two-tone vacuum status light indicator

Vacuum Blending Benefits

  • Less oxidation for more nutritious soups and smoothies
  • Brighter colors and fresher flavor
  • Longer shelf life
  • Less foam and separation
      Model No.
      Rated Voltage:


      50/60 Hz
      1000 W
      Gross Weight:
      TBA kg
      Net Weight:
      TBA  kg
      Item Dimensions:
      TBA cm
      Box Dimensions:
      TBA cm


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