FAQ Professional Espresso Machine with Grinder


We're here to help! Find FAQs and tips for your Professional Espresso Machine with Grinder. 

Here are some IMPORTANT REMINDERS before using the Professional Espresso Machine with Grinder BM-CM5700AGS:

  1. We recommend that you use grind setting 7-10. But when using grind setting 1-6 (fine), remove the grinder and clean the burr grinder chamber with supplied cleaning brush after every use to prevent coffee grounds from clogging the grinder.

  2. Refrain from using damp espresso grounds.
  3. When cleaning the grinder, remove the grinder cradle from the bracket first before removing the grinder. Failure to do so might cause the grinder to get stuck.

  4. Upon switching on the espresso machine, turn the steam control dial to MAX for about 20 seconds, then turn the steam dial back to OFF.

  5. When using the steam dial for the first time, it is normal to hear clicking noises as the the tubes and hoses inside are still dry. The same is true when operating the unit after a period of inactivity. 


 Video on How to Use the Professional Espresso Machine with Grinder




Q: During brewing, why do both single and Double Brew indicators pulse in red; no coffee flows out of the filter holder, or coffee flows out in drops?

A: Coffee grind is too fine. Ensure you use a suitable grind size.
A: Too much coffee in the filter. Make sure to use the correct amount of ground coffee.
A: Coffee is tamped too firmly

Q: Why does water leak from the bottom of espresso machine?

A: There is too much water in the drip tray. Clean the drip tray.
A: The coffee maker is malfunctioning. Please contact with the authorized service center for repair.
Q: Why do all light indicators flash in red?
A: Water tank is empty, or water level is below MIN. Fill the water tank with water until the warning indicators go off.

Q: Why does my coffee tastes acidic?

A: Descaling procedure was not done properly. Follow steps in the "Before First  Use" section of the manual.
A: The ground coffee powder was stored in a hot, humid place for a long time. Use a freshly ground espresso, or stored unused ground espresso in a cool, dry place. After opening  a package of ground espresso reseal it tightly and store it in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Q: Why does the grinder dispense too little or does not dispense ground coffee at the finest setting?

A: Grind setting is too fine. Adjust the grind setting accordingly.

Q: Why does the grinder indicator flash in red?

A: If grinder was previously working, the grinder has overheated. Allow the grinder to rest until the grinder warning indicator goes off.
A: Grinder is not properly attached to the machine. Ensure the grinder is attached properly.

Q: Why does the coffee machine not function?

A: The power is not plugged well. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet correctly.
A: If the unit still does not work, please contact an authorized service center for repairing.

Q: Why won't the steam function work/milk cannot be frothed?

A: The ready indicator is not illuminated. Wait for the steam indicator light to come on before steaming.
A: The vessel is too big or wide. Use the correct size of vessel.
A: You have used skimmed milk. Use whole milk or 2% milk.

 Q: What is the size of the filter holder/portafilter?

A: It is 58mm.

Q: How to remove or detach the grinder from the espresso machine?

A: Before removing the grinder, make sure to remove the grinder cradle from the bracket support by pulling the cradle upward. The grinder can easily be attached or removed from the espresso machine by pressing the red release button underneath the Power button while turning the grind size dial towards the right until a click is heard. Then pull the grinder downwards to detach. Once grinder is removed, the grinder indicator will turn red.

Attach grinder to the espresso machine by aligning the line marked on the grinder with the indicator on the espresso machine (*), then pushing the grinder upwards while turning the Grinder Size dial all the way to the left until it locks into place.

Note: Grinder indicator flashes in red if the grinder is not attached properly; indicator illuminates in white if grinder is properly attached.

Q:  Why does the grinder get jammed? Why is the grinder not working properly?

A: In some cases, reason for the grinder size dial to misalign is when it is not cleaned regularly. Debris inevitably builds up on the inside of a grinder over time, if you have not been cleaning it regularly. For example, parts of the coffee bean shell get stuck in between the metal sections inside there and gradually jam it up.  The burr could also jam if the grind setting has been set too fine. In this case, the grinder fails to force the coffee beans through your machine. 

We highly suggest to clean the grinder regularly especially when it is set to the fine grinding levels (1-6). Cleaning the grinder will avoid clogging and misalignment. The ideal setting when grinding is at level 7-10.

Steps in Cleaning the Grinder 

  1. Remove the grinder from the espresso machine.
  2. Unlock the bottom cover attached to the grinder (it has a lock/unlock symbol).
  3. Use a cleaning brush to brush coffee residue or a and a wooden stick to remove hardened coffee grounds on the burrs.
  4. A clean grinder will indicate that the burrs spin smoothly. 
  5. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe thoroughly around the edges to remove remaining coffee residue.

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