19L Convection Oven (2021 model)
19L Convection Oven (2021 model)
19L Convection Oven (2021 model)

19L Convection Oven (2021 model)


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Fast, power-efficient and perfectly even cooking

Few things are worse than burnt toast – or burnt anything, for that matter. Food can be heated too much or too little, but with the Baumann Convection Oven, you can be sure that dishes are cooked just right.

The key to even heating is convection – a process that moves warmer air towards cooler areas, until the heat is uniformly distributed. The Baumann Convection Oven utilizes that principle fully, through a powerful stainless steel heating element and full-range temperature control. Whether you want crisp toast, oven-baked pizza or juicy chicken tenders, the convection oven ensures perfect toasting, baking and broiling every time.

Features & Benefits

  • 19L capacity fits pizza, toast slices and more
  • Automatic convection feature for fast and even cooking with no hot spots
  • Bake, broil and toast settings with 60-minute precision timer
  • Full range temperature control up to 230°C
  • Removable bake tray for easy cleanup
  • Power indicator light
  • Double-walled glass door

Accessories Included

  • 1 x Enamel bake tray
  • 1 x Wire rack
  • 1 x Crumb Tray
  • 1 x Bake Tray handle
    Model No.
    Rated Voltage:
    60 Hz
    1380 W
    Gross Weight:
    6.3 kg
    Net Weight:
    5.3 kg
    External Item Dimensions:
    46.2 L x 32.4 W x 27.9 H cm
    Internal Item Dimensions:
    31 L x 23 W cm
    Packaging Dimensions:
    52.5 x 36.0 x 33.5 cm
    1380 W

    Download User Manual here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good value.

    So far, the 19L convection oven is working just fine. We use it everyday and it provides even heating and is so quiet sometimes I wonder if it's on. My old convection oven's fan made such a loud noise, so we're not use to the quiet performance of Baumann Living's convection oven.

    Loving our Baumann convection oven

    Surprisingly food are cooked well , juicy and not overcooked. I’m not afraid that food will get burned.

    my super duper easy to bake oven

    love my new purchase oven. it is useful iall my baking needs.

    Baumann Living 19L Convection Oven

    I love my new oven!! Already tried it with grilling and baking!! easy to clean and very useful! will have fun using it! Thanks Baumann! Planning to purchase next your Espresso Maker.


    Very nice for baking small batches of cookies and pastries. The only con is that it doesn't have any interior light to see the goods while baking and without re-opening the oven

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